The Band


Roy Bartell

Drums, vocals and harmonies, percussion, music, and lyrics


Adam McNeill

Keys, bass, vocal harmonies, harmonica, and arrangements


Adrian Andres

Guitars, arrangements, music direction, and production


Ryan Hargrave

Lead vocals, music and lyrics

Live @ Rogers TV

January 13th

The band will be performing, discussing the new album, and giving away merch!

Details to follow!


head of the trent crowd

Chasing Jane at Head of the Trent!

When we showed up for Trent University’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming, also known as The Head of the Trent Regatta, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d never been asked to play a sporting event before! Upon our arrival, we got it instantly… This is so much more than a just a sporting event. The trent […]

We’re Going on the Todd Shapiro Show!

Today Chasing Jane is thrilled to be asked to be a part of The Todd Shapiro show! Long-time Edge 101.5 audiences will be familiar with Todd from his daily appearance on the Dean Blundell show, whose run on the Edge came to an end last year. But Todd and his team have boldly changed direction […]

Nice To Meet Ya!

Hey there Jane-Gang! Those of you who have been watching the band for a while have surely noticed some recent changes in our band’s branding and digital outreach efforts. In support of our new album ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, we have launched the new website you currently find yourselves perusing! If you’re new to Chasing […]