CMW 2015 Conquered

What a great new start to May! With a couple of brand new additions, with time against, we pulled off two amazing nights gracefully. Alex and Kevin brought a great new vibe to the performances an chemistry was at its finest. Thanks so much to Dakota Tavern for amazing on stage sound and hospitality, and […]

head of the trent crowd

Chasing Jane at Head of the Trent!

When we showed up for Trent University’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming, also known as The Head of the Trent Regatta, we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d never been asked to play a sporting event before! Upon our arrival, we got it instantly… This is so much more than a just a sporting event. The trent […]

We’re Going on the Todd Shapiro Show!

Today Chasing Jane is thrilled to be asked to be a part of The Todd Shapiro show! Long-time Edge 101.5 audiences will be familiar with Todd from his daily appearance on the Dean Blundell show, whose run on the Edge came to an end last year. But Todd and his team have boldly changed direction […]

Nice To Meet Ya!

Hey there Jane-Gang! Those of you who have been watching the band for a while have surely noticed some recent changes in our band’s branding and digital outreach efforts. In support of our new album ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, we have launched the new website you currently find yourselves perusing! If you’re new to Chasing […]

Chasing Jane on CP24

Well, it was the morning after our official Cd release party, and we were all on about 2.5 hours sleep at the most. Hargrave seemed to have more energy than anyone, and Adam rented an acoustic bass (thanks, as always, to our friends at Lon & McQuade), but the staff at CP24 were so congenial […]

Mobile Apps Are Live!

Thanks to our dedicated friends at Transcend Media under the content and strategic guidance of our own dedicated media label Squidthink Media, our digital outreach efforts have evolved significantly! Entering the mobile marketplace will offer Chasing Jane significant leveraging for their own efforts as well as those of promoters, booking agents, and venues. Download the […]

Our New Album ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ Has Officially Dropped!

Early 2014 will see the release of our debut EP “Nice to Meet Ya”! This album represents the culmination of a huge collective effort of people including recognized and highly acclaimed names in audio production and recording engineering, seasoned veteran players, digital brand strategists, mobile app developers, graphic artists, and entertainment management professionals. ‘Nice To […]

We’ve Got Merch!

Thanks to our favorite visual designer, Ms. Kat Ker, we not only have a kick-ass album cover, but also a couple of really great looks for our newest run of Chasing Jane t-shirts! What do you guys think? Merch will soon come with scannable codes so that you can earn rewards points using your smartphone! […]